The Fox School of Business Alumni Association (FSBAA) engages and supports future and current alumni in a lifelong relationship with the Fox School of Business.

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The Fox School of Business Alumni Association is affiliated with the Fox School of Business at Temple University. It was reconstituted in 2001 to bring together an alumni advisory for the Fox School of Business. The founders knew every great business school had a strong alumni association and they wanted to make sure the Fox School had one as well. The thought was to create a self-sustaining organization that brings Fox graduates together at business-focused events. Events would bring alumni together and networking would naturally occur. Caring alumni would support the school, the building of Alter Hall, student programs and activities and the business school rankings. Early members saw this association as a venue for Fox Alumni to build their networks and gain additional knowledge to be more successful in their lives. They wanted to hold enough meaningful events that would allow Fox alumni /student relationships to flourish. Priorities in the beginning were to increase membership, expand communications, and raise $250,000 for the Alter Hall alumni lounge now located on the 7th floor.

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Principles & Core Values:

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We have an entrepreneurial spirit that promotes member development and encourages new ideas that can add value to all participating alumni. We are a hard working organization that is constantly evolving by welcoming new members to its Board from our richly diverse alumni population. The FSBAA is open to all members to serve, and we encourage every alumni member to run for board positions and pursue an active role on committees. Members are committed to achieving the alumni association’s vision and have built many friendships through their service. We achieve our goals because we plan strategically, are accountable for our contributions, and are dedicated to the success of our Alumni. We have a passion to succeed together and celebrate our accomplishments. We are committed to being progressive and are welcoming and appreciative of all points of view.

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Ethical Cornerstones:

INCLUSIVITY – The FSBAA has a large umbrella and is inclusive of alumni from corporate, small business, executives, sales, government and non-profits. We are always welcoming at all events and meetings.

OUTREACH – FSBAA members consistently reach out to new alumni at events to bring them into the fold.

IDEAS – FSBAA members express and share ideas to add value to other members and help the organization achieve its vision. We welcome all points of view and encourage members to express views in a positive and constructive manner.

EMPOWERMENT – We recognize that being a leader on the Board is a privilege and we need to develop, empower, and lead our teams and committees. We can only be successful through effective delegation.

EXECUTION – The FSBAA has many achievements since its founding. We have much to celebrate. We build on our success by executing our business plan.

COLLEGIAL – The FSBAA has a collegial spirit among its members. We strive to implement our plans in a friendly and fun way.



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